C/O Berlin Talents 2006

Talents 01-05
Talents 01

Talent 01

Stephanie Kiwitt / Claudia Gochmann

One of the things that turns this photograph from what looks like a casual snapshot into a formally–structured image is the unique stance taken by the photographer, Stephanie Kiwitt, and this stance leads the viewer to spend a long time in contemplation of this image and the others in the “bricolage” series ...

Talent 02

Sibylle Fendt / Anne Pascale Frohn

As if the television had spewed out the content of all of its 99 channels in one go, a jumble of old newspapers, advertising leaflets, clothes, electrical appliances and plastic bags covers the room. Opposite the TV on the bed sits an elderly man with thinning grey hair; the remote control lies beside him ...

Talents 02

Talents 03

Stephen Waddell / Katrin Blum

Stephen Waddell is a photographer with a painterly approach. Making use of light, shadow, abstraction, materiality and colours in his paintings, Waddell expertly combines the methods of classic art and in particular of painting. At the same time, he is a flâneur and an observer of modern urban life ...

Talents 04

Frank Berger / Florian Ebner

London, National Portrait Gallery: the side façade of this imposing historic edifice, and the street in front of it. Within this architectural framework, an urban spectacle unfolds: passers–by, businesspeople, couples, women carrying bags, wearing sunglasses, with children, tourists, families, men with mobile phones, men in shorts ...

Talents 05

Gaël Peltier / Thibaut de Ruyter

At the very latest since the 1970s, with the German terrorist group RAF and the rise of police true–crime programmes such as Crimewatch UK or the German version Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst, police photos of suspects, photos of pieces of evidence, and videos of suspicious individuals recorded by security ...