C/O Berlin Talents 2011

Talents 22-25

Talents 22

Iris Janke / Julia Pattis

“Events do not just succeed each other or simply follow a chronological course; they are constantly being rearranged according to whether they belong to a particular sheet of past, a particular continuum of age, all of which coexist.” Gilles Deleuze

Is it really so easy tell your own life story in photographs? The camera has become a constant companion in our everyday lives; photography is something we now take for granted ...

Talents 23

Timotheus Tomicek / Kathrin Schönegg

“Artworks that unfold to contemplation and thought without any remainder are not artworks.” Theodor W. Adorno

The girl in the photo holding a water glass seems familiar. So does the man with the fur cap and slingshot. But where have we seen them before? Was it in the paintings of the Dutch Masters, or in some other great work of art history? ...

Talents 24

Anne Schumann / Thilo Westermann

With its images of spacious rooms, objects d’art, and Biedermeier furniture, the work "Our House" by Anne Schumann gives a detailed glimpse into private living spaces and centuries past. The carefully ordered interior of this house is familiar; it seems as if we know exactly how it smells and feels. Yet the pictures are devoid of life. The inhabitants do not appear in even one of the photographs. Who could have lived there? ...

Talents 25

Mirko Martin / Melanie Martin

"What you have to do is enter the fiction of America, enter America as fiction. It is, indeed, on this fictive basis that it dominates the world." Jean Baudrillard

On the streets of Los Angeles: police raids and arrests, accidents and injuries, glamour and homelessness. It’s all part of everyday life in the big city. Mirko Martin prowls the urban landscape like a hunter, documenting the events of daily existence. But his photographs raise numerous questions. Why is a burning man walking down the street? Where have the victims of a car crash gone? Why are people lying in groups in the middle of the sidewalk? And why are the passers-by ignoring all the catastrophes?  ...


Anfang 2011 haben Anne-Marie Beckmann, Deutsche Börse Group, Anton Corbijn, Fotograf, David Elliott, Kurator und Autor, sowie Felix Hoffmann, Kurator C/O Berlin, aus 300 Bewerbungen die stärksten Arbeiten ausgewählt: Peikwen Cheng, Mirko Martin, Anne Schumann und Timotheus Tomicek