C/O Berlin Talents 2014

Talent 30

Talents 30

Luise Schröder / Hannah Peterson

The pictures have been scorched by fire and stained by water. Buildings, facades, streets, people, and landscapes overlap and merge, breaking off abruptly and joining together in new combinations. They are fragments of the photographic record of the old and new city of Dresden—profoundly damaged, radically distorted, and only partially decipherable. What forces have been let loose upon them? And why? Luise Schröder embarks on a visual journey that takes her through current and historic, cultural and political layers of the city in a search for traces of the past ...

© Iris Jahnke

Ende Juni 2014 haben Anne- Marie Beckmann, Art Collection Deutsche Börse, Kito Nedo, Kunstkritiker, Hellen van Meene, Fotografin, Ivo Wessel, Sammler, und Ann-Christin Bertrand, C/O Berlin, aus über 400 Bewerbungen die stärksten Arbeiten ausgewählt: David Favrod und Verónica Losantos.