C/O Berlin Talents 2016

Talents 36-39

Talents 36

Verónica Losantos / Anja Schürmann

“And a human is called human because he forgets, because he suppresses. And because he enthuses and fortifies, because he warms when telling a story”. Herbert Grönemeyer

Birthdays, visits from relatives, baptisms, first day at school, holiday trips, last day at school – photo albums canonize special family events to collective narratives and visualize individual life stories. They are an affirmation of one’s own origins, important props for memories and breathe new life into long-forgotten incidents. However, what happens

Talents 37

Bianca Pedrina / Larissa Kikol

White cube, framed photographs, lighting, image title, wall text – and the classic standard exhibition is done! But how does a presentation take shape when the location itself is the subject of the exhibited photographs? If the room is not only the frame but rather the content and artwork at the same time? Bianca Pedrina conceptualized an exhibition just for the Amerika Haus and experimented with the characteristics of the building. She brings out concealed levels, moves hidden elements to the foreground and enlarges building details into over-dimensional installations ...

Talents 38

Method Sasha Kurmaz / Svea Bräunert

“I like mixing photography and public intervention.” Sasha Kurmaz 

Doing away with rules, causing irritations. Making everyday occurrences visible. Completely unexpected. Right in the face! The nonconformist actions of Sasha Kurmaz always take place in public spaces and almost casually break up the monotony of familiar modes of perception. The photogra-phic situations and illegal interventions of the Ukrainian artist throw a spanner into the works ...

Talents 39

Maja Wirkus / Jule Schaffer

Complex shadows create patterns on the floor. A sheet of curved brass casts a golden sheen. Delicate white concrete blocks rest on dark wooden pedestals. On the wall in between: photographic collages. The shapes and materials used in Maja Wirkus’s work extend far beyond what is conventionally understood as photography ...