Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 19:00–20:00

Artist Tour

Peter Miller
Special Guided Tours
Peter Miller und Dr. Kathrin Schönegg in der Ausstellung "Dear Photography"
Peter Miller und Dr. Kathrin Schönegg in der Ausstellung "Dear Photography", 2021 © David von Becker

Peter Miller . Artist of the exhibition
Dr. Kathrin Schönegg . Curator




15/11 Euro incl. exhibition
Available online and remaining tickets at the box office at C/O Berlin.

The work of American artist Peter Miller, who lives in Germany, still hints at his childhood dream of becoming a magician. Today, however, Miller’s preoccupation with magic finds expression primarily in the media of film and photography. Utilizing a wide variety of forms and materials, he explores the history of the technical media and their constituent, irreducible elements: light, chemistry, audience, flicker, optics, and perspective. In one piece, he transforms a mailbox into a darkroom (Envelope, 2020), and in another work, Miller brings a living tree into his lab and helps it to create a photographic self-portrait using photograms (The Leaves, 2021). 

The Artist Tour with Peter Miller and Dr Kathrin Schönegg invites viewers to embark on a journey to discover analog media technologies and to reflect on how media shape the world around us.