Tue, Oct 26, 2021, 18:00–19:00

Curator’s Tour

Peter Miller
Special Guided Tours
Besucher in der Ausstellung "Peter Miller, Dear Photography"
Besucher in der Ausstellung "Peter Miller, Dear Photography", 2021 © David von Becker

Dr. Kathrin Schönegg . Curator




15/11 Euro incl. exhibition
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What role does analog photography play in the age of digitization? What do we learn from 19th century photographic manuals about today's image practices? What are the possibilities of producing photographs outside the darkroom and how can a tree be completely turned into photograms in the lab?

Our curator Dr. Kathrin Schönegg provides insight into the equally analytical, archaeological and humorous practice of artist Peter Miller and reports on the conception of the exhibition Dear Photography.