Mon, Jan 31 – Thu, Feb 3, 2022, 11:00–16:30

Die Welt in Bewegung

Ferienwerkstatt Silhouetten-Trickfilm
Junior Workshops
Ein Kind legt auf einem Leuchtkasten eigene ausgeschnittene Figuren
© C/O Berlin Foundation

Daily 11:00–16:30


10­­–14 years


Jan Caspers, Gary Rosborough


70 euro incl. snack
Frauke Menzinger

Floating through the clouds, diving into the deep sea, walking in outer space – in animation everything is possible and your cut-out characters can do (almost) anything! They are only set in motion by you and you also created the worlds they explore. Using only scissors and paper (and a few secret ingredients), you produce short animations - and great cinema!

In this workshop you will learn how such a silhouette animation is created, how the figures are designed, cut out and joined together and how you can move and animate them.  No previous experience is necessary, just a little patience and a lot of imagination. This will be transformed into small scenes, into magical worlds without time and gravity – only you decide what is possible and what is not!