Mon, Oct 18 – Thu, Oct 21, 2021, 11:00–16:30

Magische Welten mit Licht und Schatten

Ferienwerkstatt Silhouetten-Trickfilm
Junior Workshops
Scherenschnittfiguren werden auf einem Tisch gelegt, ein Kind blickt darauf hinab
Trickfilm mit Jan Caspers © C/O Berlin Foundation

18.–21- Oct 2021


10­­–14 years


Jan Caspers, Gary Rosborough


70 euro incl. snack
Frauke Menzinger

The first feature-length animation film ever was completed in 1926, not in a big studio in Hollywood, but in a little shed in Berlin. The artist's name was Lotte Reininger, she was born just 600 meters from the workshop rooms of our C/O Berlin Education Unit. Lotte was in her early twenties, when she started work on „The Adventures of Prince Achmed“. She was self-taught and used nothing but black card and a pair of scissors.

In this workshop you will learn how such a silhouette animation is created, how the figures are designed, cut out and joined together and how you can move and animate them.  No previous experience is necessary, just a little patience and a lot of imagination. This will be transformed into small scenes, into magical worlds without time and gravity – only you decide what is possible and what is not!

Supported by
Karl Schlecht Stiftung