Sun, May 5, 2024, 12:00–13:30

The Practice of Love

As part of VALIE EXPORT . Retrospective
Film Screening
Black and white film still of The Practice of Love from 1985 by VALIE EXPORT
Film still of The Practice of Love, 1985 by VALIE EXPORT

delphi LUX . Yva-Bogen, Kantstraße 10, 10623 Berlin


Film info

90 min, 1984–1985, Austria, director: VALIE EXPORT, Original with english subtitles


12 euro online and at delphi LUX

VALIE EXPORT is known for her groundbreaking feminist media and performance art. But her versatile oeuvre also includes feature-length films. As part of the exhibition VALIE EXPORT . Retrospective, C/O Berlin and Yorck Kinos are presenting a film that caused a sensation at the Berlinale back in 1985.

Judith is journalist. She investigates an unsolved fatal accident in a Viennese subway station and comes accross an international gun running organization. Her affair with Dr. Fischoff, a physician, is not doing well and Judith sleeps badly and has terrible nightmares. She has another friend, Alfons Schlögel, an industrialist, who is also involved in the gun running affair. Slowly, Judith gets an idea of what is happening.

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