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A self-preparing fruit salad and a dancing lemon—and so much more is possible! Maybe a self-building pillow cave, a magically covered coffee table, or an automatic toothbrush? Or even breath life into a person by moving him or her in a magical way?

With the Stay Home Workshop Goodbye Boredom! developed by animation master Jan Caspers you can say goodbye to boredom.
It takes you in just three steps to create your own short animated film—using only things that can be found in almost every household: paper, scissors, adhesive tape, and a smartphone are the tools needed for your home film studio. No previous knowledge is required.

We would love for you to share your results with us and ask that you send us your animated films. A few of the films might find their way onto our online channels!

Jan Caspers has been conducting workshops at schools for twenty years. He became interested in animated film through puppetry, silhouette cutting, and robot theater

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