Moving Shadows

Silhouette animated film workshop
Scherenschnitt Figuren auf weißem Hintergrund
Moving Shadows © C/O Berlin Foundation, Jan Caspers
© C/O Berlin Foundation

An invitation to dream and do is offered by Jan Caspers' online workshop video, which, in addition to the Moving Shadows activity box, introduces us to the world of silhouette animation and lets us follow in the footsteps of Lotte Reiniger. You can watch it below.

One hundred years ago, the twenty-one-year-old Berlin artist taught her enchanting silhouette creatures to walk, dance and fly, freeing them from the rigidity of the moment: from now on, they could travel freely through space and time, into fantastic pasts and wondrous worlds of change.

Moving Shadows © C/O Berlin Foundation, Jan Caspers

For animation workshops with children and young people, a connection technique was developed that greatly simplifies the construction of mobile shadow figures. With the C/O Berlin Education Activity Box MOVING SHADOWS, we invite young and old to take up scissors themselves and tell their own stories with light and shadow.

Jan Caspers has been conducting workshops at schools for 20 years and came to animated film via puppetry, silhouette cutting, and robot theater.

Gary Rosborough has been working full-time as an animation teacher for almost 20 years. He has already inspired children, young people and adults on four continents for the wonderful world of animation.

Polly Härle studies visual communication at the Weißensee Academy of Art, Berlin and works a lot with animated films.

© C/O Berlin Foundation
Moving Shadows © C/O Berlin Foundation, Jan Caspers
Online Workshop
Activity Box

With the revolutionary ARBAT Articulated Silhouettes system, you can build elegant flat figures for stop-motion movies, picture stories or drawing exercises.


  • Five movable shadow figures
  • Five blank sheets for your own creations
  • 128 cover tiles
  • 180 adhesive star axles and a hub hole pliers
  • Building instructions
Online workshop video sponsored by
Karl Schlecht Stiftung