C/O Berlin App

Hände halten ein Smartphone mit der C/O Berlin App (weiße Schrift auf schwarzem Screen), im Hintergrund eine einfahrende, gelbe BVG U-Bahn
C/O Berlin App © C/O Berlin Foundation, David von Becker

We're taking photography back to town.

The C/O Berlin app extends our regular exhibition program to the digital world. It invites viewers on an innovative visual tour through Berlin, in which various motifs from our program are shown embedded in the city.

Edition #1
C/O Berlin App
Discover photography at the sub

Edition #1 of the C/O Berlin App was a great success! Over the course of the exhibition Harald Hauswald . Voll das Leben! Reloaded, C/O Berlin fans were able to discover partly unpublished photographic material by the OSTKREUZ photographer at selected subway stations on the U2 line. These images were digitally displayed in direct proximity of the sites where they have once been created. With the help of augmented reality technologies, billboards on smartphone screens were transformed into images of our exhibition.

We are already working at full speed for the upcoming Edition #2Stay tuned for what's to come!