Come together here
Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung © David von Becker
Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung © David von Becker

Please note

Currently, the Amerika Haus cannot be rented for outside events.
Please refrain from general rental inquiries (50 or more people) until further notice.

Zwei Menschen in der Ausstellung mit einem Sektglas
© David von Becker

Since 2015, C/O Berlin has been at home at the Amerika Haus. Through our diverse program of photography and visual media, we have become an art and culture magnet for Berliners and international audiences alike. Moreover, Amerika Haus possesses a special charm thanks to its bright, delicate, and refined 1950s architecture as well as its central location in Berlin's City West and its close proximity to Zoo Station. 

C/O Berlin is and remains an exhibition space for photography. Nevertheless, we enjoy opening our doors to (and sharing our rooms with) those looking for a space to host a special event. This is possible during our regular opening hours as well as at specially arranged times. 

Whether you are hosting a seminar, presentation, private exhibition tour with champagne reception, or a seated gala dinner for a larger audience, C/O Berlin offers the perfect place for every occasion. Our café partner Barkin’Kitchen is available to advise you on accompanying menus as an experienced gastronomic expert.

© David von Becker
Education Workshop Rooms


C/O Berlin Education's creative workshop and seminar rooms at Hardenbergstraße 19 offer space for seminars, workshops, conferences, and small-group meetings. The furnished 130 m2 space, with an adjacent darkroom and kitchenette, is available for your exclusive use. A Wi-Fi network and projector are also available.

Workshop Seminar Räume in der Hardenbergstraße 19
Workshop Rooms in the Hardenbergstraße 19 © David von Becker
Workshop- und Seminarräume in der Hardenbergstraße 19
Workshop- und Seminarräume in der Hardenbergstraße 19 © David von Becker
Café C/O Berlin x Barkin’Kitchen
Viele Gäste an einer langen Tafel im gesetzten Dinner des Museumscafé
Gesetztes Dinner im Museumscafé © Barkin’Kitchen


A private tour through our varied exhibition program offers new inspiration for you and your guests. A champagne reception completes the evening. You can also enjoy breakfast, brunch, or dinner at C/O Berlin—our café partner Barkin’Kitchen would be delighted to look after you and your guests. Company parties, Christmas dinners, away days, and customer events become an exciting journey into the world of photography.

Eine schön angerichtete Mahlzeit auf einem Teller
Barkin’Kitchen Menü © Sophie Döring
Amerika Haus / Ausstellungsräumlichkeiten


Coming together and celebrating while surrounded by the works of renowned photographers gives every event a special touch. We can offer exclusive access to our exhibitions and spaces for larger events and special occasions. Regardless of whether you are looking for an inspiring environment for a conference, symposium, or lecture, or need a unique space for a celebration or reception, we can provide what you need on special arrangement. Our café partner Barkin’Kitchen can offer you catering to complement your event.

Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung © David von Becker
Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung © David von Becker
Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung mit gedecktem Tisch
Gesetztes Dinner in der Ausstellung © David von Becker