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C/O Berlin im Amerika Haus Außenansicht mit Besucher:innen davor
C/O Berlin in the Amerika Haus © David von Becker
Ein Mädchen, wie es ein zweites fotografiert. Zwei Kinder, die Spaß am Fotografieren haben
Two girls in a Junior-Workshop © Alina Simmelbauer

C/O Berlin is an exhibition space for photography and visual media. As a nonprofit organization, C/O Berlin presents works by respected artists, supports emerging talents, and welcomes everyone to discover contemporary visual culture. As a place to exchange new ideas, C/O Berlin organizes Artist Talks, Panel Discussions, Film Screenings and guided tours, offering visitors a place to exchange thoughts on the exhibition program and engage in current debates on visual culture. Supporting emerging talents is an integral aspect of C/O Berlin’s mission. The yearly C/O Berlin Talent Award is the only prize in Europe to recognize an Artist and a Theorist aged 35 years old or younger.

C/O Berlin Education completes the offerings and covers the important area of visual training and art education. The four categories Juniors, Teens, Adults and Perspectives allow participants to learn about photography, film, and design with professional guidance, and to playfully create their own works.

Besucher:innen in der Ausstellung Love, Ren Hang . Eine große Fototapete mit nackten Frauenkörpern, die sich zu einer ornamentartigen Form zusammen schmiegen.
Visitors in the exhibition Love, Ren Hang © David von Becker

The C/O Berlin Foundation operates independently of commercial interests. It is financed through ticket sales, book sales, sponsorships, project grants, and donations, as well as funds from the supporters’ association C/O Berlin Friends. Since 2020/21 financial year, C/O Berlin has received funding from the Senate Department of Culture and Europe and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

Der C/O Berlin Bookshop
C/O Berlin Bookshop © David von Becker
Auf dem Dach des Amerika Haus: C/O Berlin Logo von hinten und der Blick auf den Bahnhof Zoo
C/O Berlin in the Amerika Haus next to the Zoo-station © David von Becker
Advisory Board

Katja Eichinger Chairwoman
Frank Briegmann
Diandra Donecker
Nico Hofmann
Burkhard Kieker
Simone Menne
Marc Naroska
Ingo Pott


Thanks to the civic commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of C/O Berlin’s three founders—the photographer Stephan Erfurt, the designer Marc Naroska, and the architect Ingo Pott—what began as a private initiative in 2000 has developed into a unique and internationally respected institution. With its multifaceted and highly acclaimed offerings, C/O Berlin has created an inspiring base to explore the medium of photography. So far, around 250 solo and group shows have been realized in the exhibition space, featuring celebrated photographs by artists such as William Eggleston, Susan Meiselas, Nan Goldin, Anton Corbijn, Sebastião Salgado and Irving Penn, as well as emerging talents.

Die drei Gründer Fotograf Stephan Erfurt Designer Marc Naroska Architekt Ingo Pott, Schwarzweiß-Aufnahme von René Burri
The three founders: Photographer Stephan Erfurt, designer Marc Naroska and architect Ingo Pott © René Burri
Eine Besucherin der Ausstellung Irving Penn. Die Bilder spiegeln sich in der Vitrine
Visitor in the exhibition Irving Penn © David von Becker
Das Amerika Haus im Umbau mit verhängter Fassade
The Amerika Haus during reconstruction, 2014 © David von Becker

Since 2014, C/O Berlin has been based at Amerika Haus. The building was constructed between 1956 and 1957, based on a design by the architect Bruno Grimmek. The bright and elegant building once served as a cultural and information center for the United States in Berlin, and included a movie theater, library, and exhibition spaces. After years of interim uses, C/O Berlin was able to open the building to a culturally minded audience once more thanks to support from the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin. In 2015, C/O Berlin received the German Association of Architects’ BDA Award Berlin for its sensitive renovation and revitalization of Amerika Haus.

Besucher:innnen vor dem Amerika Haus
Besucher:innen vor dem Amerika Haus © Stephanie von Becker
Teaser des Amerika Haus Buch: Pop Politik Propaganda
Pop, Politik und Propaganda. Das Amerika Haus im Wandel der Zeit

Since fall 2014, Amerika Haus has been the new home of C/O Berlin. To mark the occasion, C/O Berlin has published a book that traces the eventful history of the location.

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