C/O Berlin × Barkin’Kitchen

Installationsansicht 'Succes Perm' im Café C/O Berlin x Barkin'Kitchen 2022
Christine Sun Kim, 'Success Perm', Installation view at C/O Berlin, 2022 © C/O Berlin Foundation, Stephanie von Becker
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Hardenberg­straße 22–24
10623 Berlin

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030 31519636
Antonio Rilling

Regional products, international tastes—C/O Berlin × Barkin’Kitchen connects tradition with modern German-French fare and unconventional global cuisine. The café offers homemade food, seasonal creations, salads and simple dishes for in between - with a regularly changing lunch menu.

The restaurant’s proprietors, Antonio Rilling and Frederik Jagla, stand for contemporary and sustainable cooking. They work together with suppliers, roasting and patisserie partners from the region. Alongside its day-to-day operations, C/O Berlin × Barkin’Kitchen will be holding special events on culinary themes.

Artistic Intervention
Christine Sun Kims Artistic Intervention at C/O Berlin
Christine Sun Kim, Success Perm, Installation view of Artistic Intervention at C/O Berlin x Barkin'Kitchen, 2022© C/O Berlin Foundation, Stephanie von Becker
More than just a café

Artistic Intervention is an innovative exhibition format for artists whose practice goes beyond photography. Work for the yearly installation responds to the space occupied by C/O Berlin’s cafe. Since 2014, sculptures, paintings, and experimental works using such varied materials as neon lights and old airplane parts have transformed the cafe into both showcase and stage.

Navot Miller (2023) follows Christine Sun Kim (2022), Julia Benz (2020), Christian Jankowski (2019), Gregor Hildebrandt (2018), Brigitte Waldach (2017), Karsten Konrad (2016), and Michail Pirgelis (2015) as the eighth artist to present work in this space.