C/O Berlin Talents 2007

Talents 06-09

Talents 06

Tobias Zielony / Jutta v. Zitzewitz

Lounging casually against the car, chatting and hanging out with the gang, cigarettes, alcohol, hooded sweat–shirts, sneakers and baseball caps, nighttime gas stations and bus stations on the fringes of modern cities—in Bristol, Halle-Neustadt, Marseille and Los Angeles ...

Talents 07

Wolfram Hahn / Daniel Klemm

The child seems to have fallen into a stupor, a strangely absent state of lethargy. His expression is void of emotion: he sits at the center of the picture, motionless, with drooping shoulders and an equally blank look. He appears almost doll–like with his frozen, seemingly painted–on expression ...

Talents 08

Marion Poussier / Marius Strasser

Summer, bonfires, first love, insecurity, and loneliness—summer camps are places of youth, places where the first attempts are made at breaking out of the narrow confines of the system, places where hidden desires are lived out. The weeks spent there are extraordinary ones, removed from everyday life ...

Talents 09

Frank Höhle / Thilo Scheffler

People in a neutral environment—expressionless, in relaxed posture and nondescript clothing, their gaze turned away from the viewer. What distinguishes these people? Where do they come from? What moves them? Like a detective, the viewer seeks tiny visual clues in the portraits to classify and interpret them ...