Sat, Apr 2, 2022, 11:00–16:00

Museum Barberini meets C/O Berlin

Combined tour on cloud photography at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam and C/O Berlin
Special Guided Tours
Noa Jansma, Buycloud, 2020-2021 © the artist

11:00 Museum Barberini
15:00 C/O Berlin




Katharina Raab . Guide & Art historian


25 euros incl. both exhibitions + guiding tours
Online available at Museum Barberini

The first exhibition at the Museum Barberini on photography as an artistic medium is the starting point of a two-museum event that focuses on the cloud motif. The exhibition Songs of the Sky, which is now on view at C/O Berlin, examines the subject from the nineteenth century to the present. The tour covers historical cloud photographs and contemporary shots of clouds, culminating in the digital storage cloud of the present.

11:00 Tour begins at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, lasting 50 minutes
Every visitor is responsible for traveling from Potsdam to Berlin
15:00 Continuation of the tour at C/O Berlin, lasting 60 minutes