C/O Berlin Talents 2012

Talents 26-29

Talents 26

Peikwen Cheng / Eileen Seifert

"The objective world surrounding us is not the only one possible." Paul Klee

Quaint antique carriages and souped-up sedans. Colossal letters and oversized rocking horses. Fluttering mobile sculptures and tattered sofas. Silhouettes of human forms stumbling through driving wind and swirling dust. Everything has lost its grounding and is floating in a sea of infinite white—time, space, and identity have dissolved completely. Are these bizarre scenes and objects real? Or are they nothing but figments of imagination, paradoxical chimeras? Chinese photographer Peikwen Cheng left the lights of the big American cities behind him ...

Talents 27

Florian van Roekel / Nisaar Ulama

Everyday life at the office. Desks, shelves, machines, files, containers and commodities. A back peeking out from behind a curtain made of an office chair and a sports jacket, a pair of legs scurrying through the picture. A man in a suit takes up a contemplative waiting stance. Someone is scratching his head and looking at his mobile. Meetings, phone calls, concentration and absence. Florian van Roekel’s subject is the omnipresent world of work. He depicts human bodies, gazes and gestures, which arise from ...

Talents 28

Daniel Seiffert / Agneta Jilek

"The big city’s got nothing on friends. Three are still left around Finsterwalde, holding their own in the parking lot and watching the cars head south. Behind the field after the game, the evening belongs to the curtains. And the forest keeps silent, and then after a while everything quiets down." 
From the song "Finsterwalde" by Jacques Palminger & Erobique

The southeast corner of the German state of Brandenburg. An important industrial region during GDR times, the area is gripped today by recession, unemployment, and population decline—a process that manifests itself in the urban landscape ...

Talents 29

Willem Popelier / Katja Müller-Helle

Shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, around the globe different television channels reported not about the death of Osama in their news broadcasts, but about the death of Obama. One transposed word and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and US president is declared dead. A single letter is enough to simply turn the identities around – in the very medium that many people still possibly consider to be the most authentic and true. Strangely enough, it is above all catastrophes and traumatic experiences that seem to be predestined to expose the mechanisms of media reporting and to examine the functionality and structures of the media use of photography ...


Anfang 2012 haben Anne-Marie Beckmann, Deutsche Börse Group, Dr. Leonhard Emmerling, Goethe-Institut, Marcel Feil, FOAM, Sven Johne, Künstler, sowie Felix Hoffmann und Ann-Christin Bertrand, C/O Berlin, aus 300 Bewerbungen die stärksten Arbeiten ausgewählt: Willem Popelier, Luise Schröder, Daniel Seiffert und Florian van Roekel.