Harald Hauswald

Voll das Leben! Reloaded
From December 11 until March 5
Harald Hauswald, Öffnung des Brandenburger Tors, Mitte, Berlin, 22.12.1989 © Harald Hauswald/OSTKREUZ/Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung

The first retrospective of the Ostkreuz photographer Harald Hauswald was only on display for six weeks due to the pandemic. As there is still so much life hidden in Hauswald’s photographs, we will feature the exhibition in our program once again, this time in a renewed format. 

Against the background of Stasi surveillance, Hauswald’s photographs offer unique and revealing insight into everyday socialist life, showing the evolving cityscape of East Berlin and the activities of opposition groups, artists, and youth subcultures. With his empathetic and authentic gaze, Hauswald has uniquely captured the social and political lives of people in East Germany, showing the challenges arising during the shift to a reunified Germany. His works are invaluable, forming as they do a visual record of the history of a divided Germany. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Ostkreuz – Agentur der Fotografen.


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