Peter Miller

Dear Photography
From September 11 until December 3
Peter Miller, Photuris, 2013 © Peter Miller . VG- Bildkunst, Bonn 2021 Courtesy the artist and Galerie Crone Berlin/Wien

As a child, Peter Miller (b. 1978) wanted to be a magician. Today, the American photographer living in Germany is an internationally renowned artist whose work still hints at his fondness for sleight of hand. Although he mainly works with film and photography, he also creates installations and sculptures, effects interventions in space, and draws on the tradition of 1970s performance art. Despite the material and formal diversity of Miller’s works, they tend to address a single theme: they explore the history of technical media, analyzing their fundamental elements such 
as chemistry, light, the audience, flicker effects, optics, and perspectives. However, Miller tends not to take a classical approach to film and photography. Instead, he minimizes the usually dominant technical elements, eschewing camera and lenses. 

With Dear Photography, C/O Berlin presents a cross-section of Miller’s work over the past fifteen years, supplemented by new works created for the exhibition. It is the first institutional solo exhibition of this unique artist. 

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